Sunday, February 19, 2012


A silent winter eve
Was stepping on sand
Moving along a running beach
Gazing two holding hand
Only they were known
Else everything was strange
That eve, sand was soft
And sun shined orange

Waves were calm
And water was cold
A sheer love was new
Else everything was old

She wanna hug
He wanna kiss
They wanna die with
Their last lively bliss

They had less time
As life was near to end
Last minutes all together
They only wanna spend

In the sea of love
They took the last dive
Their bodies are no more
But their Love is still alive.


  1. Beautiful...But I didn't like the climax of the poem...To become immortal in love people dont need to commit suicide...In my opinion positive outlook is most important thing in love....

    Liked the flow of the word and here you played nicely with words and it is making this poem more appealing and beautiful..

    Keep writing:)

  2. Beautiful. Simpler words conveying deeper meaning. :)

  3. nice...your words have a wonderful flow to them...and love that in the end love is what is left because love certainly endures....smiles.

  4. Love endures, to be sure. Well said and beautifully presented.

  5. Hello.
    When everything around is is withering and dying, love will always remain eternal, everlasting...because it cannot die at the doorsteps of death.
    Sad outcome, but nicely penned!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    A Flower In My Mirror

  6. what a refreshing poem of love... a breath of fresh air this beautiful read was for me!


  7. lovely and sad... nice work:)

  8. Very nice poem ... I love how you build this one to the climax. A climax I hadn't expected, but ... wow what a climax!
    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  9. I like that last verse...indeed it is all that remains ~