Saturday, March 31, 2012


I was happy
And content with life
But now, have become nonchalant
And penurious

Used to smile
Every time and everyday
Now, my face waits for months
Being happy and cheered

My eyes used to be candid
And glitter with shine
But now, they had gone sick
With fears and tears

I used to visit different places
Roaming here and there
Now I feel scare in mob
And sit blank in dark

Earlier, I love to dance
Whenever it rains
But now, I fear of it
And try to hide myself alone

I was a talkative one
And used to babble a lot
Now I have become unresponsive
And gaze faces sulky

My naughtiness and cuteness
Were my sweetest qualities
But I don't know, where they had gone
And I search a kid within myself

Actually, all these had happened naturally
Because I had broken down badly
Believe me, I never wanted to be like this
And you still think, Am Changed.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Queen...

Today, A red letter day
That will be remembered, only for me and you
Because a story will start today
Casting Smita and Monu

I was alone here
Leading a normal life
But now its changing magically
Because you are my upcoming wife

The day I saw you first
Your hair made me wild
And your twinkling eyes
Were as cute, as of a child

Your habits seems as if
You are still a kid
And am happy so far
To see things, whatever you did

We gonna make our lives colorful
With rampant effect
And its only possible
With you, my miss picture perfect

I will hold your hand
And gonna dance in the rain
And will let you feel like princess
Everyday, Again and again

At every step, I will be with you
And will take care of you well
And will try to lead a life
Which you dreamt to dwell

I will love you
In every little way, you wanted
And I promise you
Will never take you, for granted

I find God everywhere
But within you, I had actually seen
You are the love of my life
And will treasure you, as My Queen.

P.S.-- This one I wrote for the engagement ceremony of my teacher and friend Gaurang ( Monu ) and Smita .
And written in a way as Gaurang is saying all this to Smita.

Friday, March 16, 2012


जमाना उससे पूछता था 
कुछ अनसुलझे सवाल  
जवाब वो देता नहीं
खोया सा चलता था, लेकर एक ख्याल |
क्या इन लोगो का भी सबकुछ
उसी रास्ते पर लुट गया
जहाँ  चोर बेगानों को नही
अपनों को ही लूटा करते है
जहाँ अकेला पाते ही लोग
सवाल लेकर टूटा करते है |

वो सवाल जो उसके लिए कीमती
पर दूसरो के लिए व्यर्थ है
जवाब तो है उसके गूड़
पर जमाने के लिए बेअर्थ  है |

सब कुछ तो लुट गया
कुछ नही उसके पास, अब गवाने को
मत छीनो उससे जवाब
कुछ तो रहने दो, मन बहलाने को |

Saturday, March 10, 2012

तस्वीर ...

खाली पड़ी है, एक तस्वीर 
चल, उसे रंगीन करे 
पुरानी पड़ी है, किसी कोने मे
चल, उसे नवीन करे |

मेने तो सिर्फ खीची थी लकीरे 
छुप गयी जो धुल से 
कूची ने उकेरा चेहरा सलोना 
मिल गया जो तुमसे भूल के |

फीका लगता है, बदरंग सा चेहरा 
चल, उसे हसीन करे 
खली पड़ी है एक तस्वीर 
चल, उसे रंगीन करे |

Friday, March 2, 2012


When you called me 
Your life
I felt most lively
On this earth

When you said
I was only yours
I felt my little entity
To be most precious

But, then something
Went unrelenting

The day you called me 
Nothing in your life
I lost my existence
And was standing nowhere

Felt almost breathless
And was deprived of air
I incurred so many fears
And cried all night 

I secluded myself 
And was feeling alone
That day this talkative 
Become the most tacit one

You know, that day onwards
What happened ?
I was left only as a
Jest for situations
And my Fate laughs on
My crippleness.