Monday, July 25, 2011


जहाँ जाऊ मुझे बस  तुम्हारा ख्याल है  
सोया हु तो बस तुम्हारा ख्वाब है 
हर चेहरे मे बस  तेरा अक्स नज़र आता है 
हर पल बस तुझे देखने को जी चाहता है |

हकीक़त को मै झूट्लाता हूँ 
की तू मेरे साथ नहीं है 
पर मै तुझे कैसे भूल जाऊ ?
भूल जाने से तो, मरना आसान नज़र आता है |

जानता हूँ, तुम रूठ गयी हो  
लेकिन तुम्हे मनाऊ कैसे ?
तुम एक बार शिकायत तो करती मुझसे 
आखिरी बार मनाने  को जी चाहता है |

तुम्हारे साथ बिताये, वो अनमोल पल 
हमेशा रखता हूँ अपने दिल मे संभालकर  
यही  सोचता रहता हु हमेशा की
काश हम  प्यार कर पाते ज़िन्दगी भर |

खिलोने चुप रहते  है, वो कुछ कहते नहीं   
अक्सर टूट जाया करते है वो भी 
जब कोई उनका साथ छोड़ जाता है 
मेरा प्यार भी बिखर गया टुकडो मे 
क्यूकी अब वो प्यार बस एक खिलौना है |

P.S--  This one i wrote from a boy's point of view, I had only tried to expand the message written by Mr. Gaurang.
Jaha jau mujhe bus tumhara khayal hai..
Soya hu to bus tumhara khuwab hai...
Hakikat ko me zhutalata hu
ki tu mere sath nahi hai..
Kash hum pyar kar pate zindagi bhar
par aab woo pyar bus ek khilona hai..

Monday, July 18, 2011


When you looked around
You did not find me
But I was there
Always around you

Somehow my silence
Let you feel, a little far apart
But it also had some purpose
Which has to be learned

Am also supporting
The purpose of nature
Because to see you always happy
It is my little sacrifice.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


There are times, when it seems easy
To die out, than to remain alive
Its seems simple to stop
Before end, than to drive.

Its so because, at times
We don't loose the strength to speak
But sometimes its
Better to be silent and meek

And mostly, my silence
Is taken in the wrong way
But for somebody's sake
Words can be better held,  than to say.

Its true that, within myself
So many things I hide
My smile conceal all sorrows
Even I had cried.

I keep quite because
Precious things are kept within heart
And never wanna let them
To go far apart.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Let me hold ....

Oh dear healing rain
Come again, come again
I find a companion in you
When my life feels the blues

Your lucent tickling drops
Just hide all my tears
As for some time
Am out of all fears

As under your thunder
No body can hear my yell
Mine is a mournful heart
But outside it appears well

I just come out and roam
When you shower all around
It makes easy for oneself
To move out of some wound

Let me hold your drops
With me for one moment
So something, that kindle inside
Could be made dormant.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Best Try...

Try to hide
Hide for try
The touch of loneliness
The victim of betrayal

Ask the clouds
What they hide ?
What they shower ?
Is it actual rain
Or its their pain
For all, they bring felicity
Themselves feel, somebody's atrocity

Before they weep
They become dark
But for nature
Creates the blooming mark

Their tears fell down
As drops of rain
Because their true feelings
Ended up in vain

Even being in so pain
Move ahead for others gain
Themselves, they got so hurt
That never wanna others
To feel the same

To love others
And deploy kindness
With the hidden cry
Is the hurt-ed one's best try.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


आज भी इन आँखों मे
ख्वाब उसका रहता है 
न कुछ खबर, न पता 
बस इंतज़ार उसका रहता है |

वो बातें और भोलापन 
बस याद बनके रह गया  
इन आँखों से चेहरा उसका 
आंसू बनके बह गया |

साथ अभी है मेरे 
कुछ बातें बस पुरानी सी
गुम हो गया वो कही भीड़ मे 
लगती दुनिया अनजानी सी |

वो दोस्त मेरा प्यारा सा 
न जाने कहाँ अब रहता है 
लौट आएगा एक दिन जरूर 
बस इंतज़ार उसका रहता है |

एक दिन सबकुछ छोड़ कर  
हम भी ऊपर चले जाएंगे 
कभी याद कर लेना दिल से      
मेरे दोस्त 
मौत से भी लड़कर वापस आजायेंगे  |