Monday, April 30, 2012

A Promise...

When everything
Was fickling around
I was scared to
Loose someone there

The Circumstances were dubious 
And almost everything changed a bit
But there was something stagnant 
And that was, A promise

A promise by me and you
Which was heart felt true
A promise of affection 
Which smile with reflection 

A promise to be best friends 
With no rules and amends 
A promise of Trust
In which togetherness was must

A promise of care
Which was silent yet fair
A way to live together
And A promise to love forever.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I pray...

I know
You love me

I wish
We could be together

I cry
When I miss you

I regret
For the circumstances

I miss
The days with you

I sigh
When am alone

I dream
For all lives with you

I like
Everything about you

I hope
One day you would be mine

I live
When I see a smile on your face

I think
Always for your wellness

I love
The way we are best friends

I pray
And will always pray for your happiness.

Friday, April 13, 2012

तेरा साथ मिल जाये ...

फिर से जीने है कुछ सपने 
बस तेरा साथ मिल जाये 
बढ जायेंगे कदम अपने आप 
बस तेरा हाथ मिल जाये |

तुम ही कहते थे ना
बस यू ही हँसती रहा करो 
तुम खुश रहती हो तो 
मै भी खुश हो जाता हू |

फिर, अपनी खुशियों को अधूरा छोड़कर 
चले गए, तुम दूर कहाँ
जानती हू, सबकुछ पाकर भी 
ढूँढ़ते होंगे बस मुझे वहाँ

तुम ही कहते थे ना मुझसे
साथ रहना हमेशा मेरे 
फिर क्यों नही ले गए अपने साथ 
मै भी संग रहना चाहती थी तेरे 

फिर से कहना है तुमसे बहुत कुछ 
बस एक बात मिल जाये 
चल, फिर से शुरू करते है सिलसिला 
बस तेरा साथ मिल जाये |

Saturday, April 7, 2012


See, Here I am
All alone, thinking about
What u said one day
That, we both are different

Earlier, You always wanna be with me
And wanna see me happy
But, the reflections of changing time
Let you feel that we are different

But don’t you think
We are same enough
To talk and laugh
To sing and dance

To care each other
And make our dreams alive
To pair together
For love and life

Can't you forget all differences
And be with me again
Please come, am waiting here
With all my heart and soul
For my truest love ever.