Sunday, February 27, 2011


Waiting sec by sec
Losing bit by bit
Eyes on the door
Know who's the culprit

His smile makes me glare
The handshakes so fair
The words are so kind
Which let me get bind

These dreams are so fine
But in truth
He's not mine
The heart feels the same
Always beats with his name

It feels with the heart
And not by the wit
Waiting sec by sec
Losing bit by bit.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


कोई जरूरत नहीं मुझे इन १५ सालो की
वो ७ साल का बचपन ही काफी था
न कोई चिंता न कोई फिकर
घूमते रहते इधर उधर
कभी कंचो के लिए लड़ाई
कभी मिटटी की गुडिया बनाई
बनाया सात पत्थर का सितोलिया
और खूब खेली छुपम छाई
पकड़ उचका पतंग घुमाई
जमकर होती पेंच लड़ाई
वो साप सीढ़ी की चढाई
वो आष्टाचंगा की भिड़ाई
वो घोडा बादाम छाई
पीछे देखे मार खाई
वो चिडिया उड़ में जब गाय उड़ाई
तो दोस्तों से मार खाई
वो लट्टू की गोल घुमाई
बार बार बैटिंग की लड़ाई
खाली हाथ से होती टायर चलाई
साइकिल से खूब रेस लगाई
लेलो ये १५ साल वापिस
लौटो दो वो बचपन दौबारा
फिर एक बार जीने की इक्छा है

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Three days, added so many values to my professional experience. Being in a retail organization, its full of varieties of objects and subjects. Three floors, endless products, and workforce of around 70 people made me kudos to be their. Numerous of Learnings, which cant, if i would not be there. Interaction with customers and employees left me with a different kind of a experience. Employees problems can be felt only, when you actually move through all such experience. Different kind of people with different perspectives, feel good to get across them.

Some Learnings, I came across about business-

1) Employee satisfaction is one of the important aspect to run a business.
2) Mismanagement from top level will result in mess.
3) Innovation is need of every business.
4) Ultimately quality counts not quantity.
5) Respect everybody's time and work, give credit to them.
6) Some freedom or autonomy should be there at individual level.


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last week, basket of gains. I came across so many lectures on economics, reforms, developed society, abstract etc. Some self initiative let me to a different level ( with the motivation of angel 1, Binoy Cherian ). This was the first time, i enjoyed moving out to attend lectures. Sometimes, don't know why, but there is a different psychological effect of attending private lectures, apart from college ones. The speakers were all great, the best part was, attended a lecture by one of the best orator i came across till now. He is my former mentor Mr. Sandeep Atre ( angel 2), optimist by nature. He is a awesome orator, every word he utters is logical. The most fascinating thing about his lectures is, usage of totally different kind of examples, which directly corresponds to listener. I always astonished, how he can think at that level.His words never let anybody to move out of the aura. Nobody want to miss even a single minute of his sessio n. He is the politest person, i had ever seen.  Thanks to the orator and the motivator to let me such a nice experience.