Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last week, basket of gains. I came across so many lectures on economics, reforms, developed society, abstract etc. Some self initiative let me to a different level ( with the motivation of angel 1, Binoy Cherian ). This was the first time, i enjoyed moving out to attend lectures. Sometimes, don't know why, but there is a different psychological effect of attending private lectures, apart from college ones. The speakers were all great, the best part was, attended a lecture by one of the best orator i came across till now. He is my former mentor Mr. Sandeep Atre ( angel 2), optimist by nature. He is a awesome orator, every word he utters is logical. The most fascinating thing about his lectures is, usage of totally different kind of examples, which directly corresponds to listener. I always astonished, how he can think at that level.His words never let anybody to move out of the aura. Nobody want to miss even a single minute of his sessio n. He is the politest person, i had ever seen.  Thanks to the orator and the motivator to let me such a nice experience.


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