Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mera Bhagwaan

Mera Bhagwaan

देखा न कभी उसे, पर बात जरूर की है
जानना चाहा सब कुछ, फिर भी कुछ बाकी है 
ढूँढा राहों मे चलते हुए, बैठा होगा कोने मे कहीं 
दिन गुज़रा भटकते हुए,  इंतज़ार मिलने का यहीं 
थक कर अभी बैठे -बैठे, पूरा दिन आँखों मे छाया
मिले थे राहों मे कई, पर याद वही आया 
वही तो था जो कहीं, छोटी सी ख़ुशी बनके आया 
इतनी दौड़ धुप मे भी, चेहरे पर मुस्कान लाया 
रह गया पीछे आज राहो मे, मिलेगा वो कल यहीं 
चेहरा चाहे बदल जाये, सीरत उसकी रहेगी वहीं
 कोशिश कर पाया जिसे, भगवान् तो मेरा वहीं है
 मंदिर मे बैठता नहीं, इंसानों के रूप मे यही है  

Friday, January 14, 2011

Endless Thirst

Every time, we look back , it creates a different scene before. Life earlier was so easy because thought process was so simple and restriction less. Emotions were too innocent, never wanted anything for vested interest. Anything which had occurred, were happy with that. There were no questions and complaints.

Now as we grow up, change in perspectives and emotions occurs with acceleration. Swapping of thoughts occur at higher frequency.  Now the life getting into more complications. Everything we do (education, job, relations )have an impact of self interest. We do so, to acquire something and than want to gather a lot. Here the ENDLESS THIRST starts. Even though everybody knows that nobody will be taking all these with them when they reach god's place. Still, so much accumulation is done. After sometime, when it come to clear our stocks, we may throw out so many things, because the time we gather them, they were important, but now we have better substitutes. There starts an endless cycle of substitution. 

One more thirst is of building relations. Once we meet a person, we get build a relation with that person. Now , we want to know everything about that person. Here also a thirst come into existence. If now we know everything of that person,we want to know about his other fellows. And now want to share a relation with them.  It is because, we sometimes feel that knowing so many people, will help us in long run. But actually its difficult to maintain relations with all people around us, in long run. After sometime, we may feel that, every person we know is not that important to us ( except some close ones ). Again cycle of replacements occurs.

Now we have different set of people around us which are now more important than earlier ones.

In everybody's life, one day come, when we get fed up with all these thirsts. The day people want a corner to rest and have peace of mind. That day even a single bit of any thing will not satisfy your THIRST OF BEING YOURSELF.