Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bestest Best Friends....

Two little birds were there
A cute relationship they share
Both belongs to different medium
Still forms a best friend pair

They both reside in a cage
Feeling same, the life's rage
Their country doesn't match
But wid alike emotions they are attach

Their eyes speaks the same
As usual freindship and love plays the game
As the time slides ahead
From "His" side love is made

The "He" tell "Her" the need
But "She" always firm on "Her" creed
His love has the truth and zeal
Her friendship has care and feel

He is so open and cool
She is so shy and Fool
They respect each other
But as earlier, now they dont gather

Whatever life plays the game
From heart both are same
Here the time let them fight
But there hearts are truly bright

To the life, She worship
Always beg with her hardship
Please never let in between
This love v/s friendship

I pray to god
Always bless them
With plentiful hands
Bcoz they are

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Best Friend 2.......

You made me trust,
the world without knowing it
You taught me,
 to worship work without hating it
 To remain silent sometimes,
even if you have so much to say
To be quite when,
so much getting into fray

You love people as they are,
without customization
Shares a relationship of trust,
without rules and regulation
You  never move against anyone,
never made anyone sad
Always hold things calmly
when they are to depart ahead

You are kind enough,
to be learned from
You are insane enough,
to be laughed with
With little words of mine,
this message i wanna send
Lucky to have you,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Best Friend...

Every body rushing around 
To gain something new
To have something more
They let something sore.

Their expectations are boundless
Endless is their greed
Their intentions are unfair
With hurting someone near.

In the covey of such kinda people
There stands a person 
Who always surrounds me
With no expectations, with no mean.

His love and selfless care
With intentions so fair
With tears in my pain
And smiles in my gain.

With my words of truth
And blessings from my heart
I wish all happiness for him 
He is my BEST  FRIEND.