Saturday, April 7, 2012


See, Here I am
All alone, thinking about
What u said one day
That, we both are different

Earlier, You always wanna be with me
And wanna see me happy
But, the reflections of changing time
Let you feel that we are different

But don’t you think
We are same enough
To talk and laugh
To sing and dance

To care each other
And make our dreams alive
To pair together
For love and life

Can't you forget all differences
And be with me again
Please come, am waiting here
With all my heart and soul
For my truest love ever.


  1. वाह!!!!!!बहुत सुंदर रचना,अच्छी प्रस्तुति........

    MY RECENT POST...काव्यान्जलि ...: यदि मै तुमसे कहूँ.....

  2. if you love somebody.......set it free.....
    if its will come back surely...

    nice 'n' sweet expression ruchi
    bless u!!

  3. A very sweet poem! Individuals may be different but the love binds them:)

  4. Wonderful post- simple, sweet and most appealing.

  5. Thank you for stopping by :) Nice post!

  6. Somethings just change with's sad. Lovely lines :)

  7. Hello Ruchi! :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Your emotions are very vividly expressed in this poem.
    Please don't mind me saying so but it is preferable to use "you" instead of "u". This is a poem after all and you wouldn't want a small thing like this to ruin it.

    You have talent, use it well.
    Good day! ^_^

  8. Hi Ruchi..:) This is so lovely and sweet poem.:) I love the way you penned every words, touching and full of emotions..:)Keep sharing more sweety..:)

    Thanks a lot too for visiting my blog..:)

  9. i like the picture accompanying your piece

  10. Lovely words and the image is just right!

    Anna :o]