Monday, April 30, 2012

A Promise...

When everything
Was fickling around
I was scared to
Loose someone there

The Circumstances were dubious 
And almost everything changed a bit
But there was something stagnant 
And that was, A promise

A promise by me and you
Which was heart felt true
A promise of affection 
Which smile with reflection 

A promise to be best friends 
With no rules and amends 
A promise of Trust
In which togetherness was must

A promise of care
Which was silent yet fair
A way to live together
And A promise to love forever.


  1. Sri Ram अल्प्संख्यक बने बहुसंख्यक**
    बहुसंख्यक हैं अल्प/
    जाने फिर से कब होगा?
    देश का कायाकल्प//

  2. Never ever adored the word 'Promise' that much... :) beautiful... :) hey btw, I am subscribed to you but did not get an email when you posted this one... My suggestion is to enable email subscription... :)

  3. A solid promise. Inspiring words.

  4. promises...meant to fulfill not broken ^_^

  5. Very sweet - and there is a hint of pain there.. :)

  6. hi,
    you have a beautiful site. I love the poetry. I'll be sure to come back and read more.

    THANKS for visiting my site. I followed you, I'm # 67 :)

  7. You started the poem on a high note and gently swifted to lighter side. Great one, Ruchi. Flow of emotions is lovely.

  8. No rules, just a promise. Very nicely said, Ruchi.
    It reminds me of a time when our world could run
    smoothly and peaceably on a handshake.

    Jim's OSI

  9. The 'stagnant' promise stands out amidst the dubiousness and flickering. And that lends a positive feeling to a word bearing a negative connotation.

  10. In an ideal world, promises are trusted.

    Destination Infinity

  11. Wonderful, particularly the promise to be best friends without rules and amends.

  12. That was a cute poem Ruchi :-)
    Enjoyed the read

    Keep writing :-)