Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Queen...

Today, A red letter day
That will be remembered, only for me and you
Because a story will start today
Casting Smita and Monu

I was alone here
Leading a normal life
But now its changing magically
Because you are my upcoming wife

The day I saw you first
Your hair made me wild
And your twinkling eyes
Were as cute, as of a child

Your habits seems as if
You are still a kid
And am happy so far
To see things, whatever you did

We gonna make our lives colorful
With rampant effect
And its only possible
With you, my miss picture perfect

I will hold your hand
And gonna dance in the rain
And will let you feel like princess
Everyday, Again and again

At every step, I will be with you
And will take care of you well
And will try to lead a life
Which you dreamt to dwell

I will love you
In every little way, you wanted
And I promise you
Will never take you, for granted

I find God everywhere
But within you, I had actually seen
You are the love of my life
And will treasure you, as My Queen.

P.S.-- This one I wrote for the engagement ceremony of my teacher and friend Gaurang ( Monu ) and Smita .
And written in a way as Gaurang is saying all this to Smita.


  1. Beautiful and I'm sure they will love it. :)

  2. Nice Emotions.:)

  3. Hello.
    These are heartfelt sentiments.
    Love is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Her Perfumed Scent

  4. wow...beautiful...wish i invited you in my engagement party :D


  5. Great one....:) Your new follower...:)

  6. Nice! I am sure Smita would have loved it.

  7. All nice!
    'Will never take you, for granted' is what matters most as days move on...

  8. The sacred bond of marriage :) Nicely penned.
    God bless the couple :)

  9. Thks for the visit and the comment Ruchi..!
    This post was really good.. you have nicely pictured their love in these words..the perfect engagement gift for them.. I guess!

  10. This is so beautifully written and romantic. If everyone held each other in such a loving way this world would be such a lovely place. Great poem Ruchi Jain! :)

  11. वाह ! ! ! ! ! बहुत सुंदर लेखन ,बेहतरीन भाव प्रस्तुति,....

    MY RECENT POST...काव्यान्जलि ...: तुम्हारा चेहरा,

    1. What a lovely poem...i thot u startd off with writing it for ure fiance but as it progressed i was doubtful.A wonderful gift :) I'll come around again to read all...a bit caught up right now.