Friday, March 2, 2012


When you called me 
Your life
I felt most lively
On this earth

When you said
I was only yours
I felt my little entity
To be most precious

But, then something
Went unrelenting

The day you called me 
Nothing in your life
I lost my existence
And was standing nowhere

Felt almost breathless
And was deprived of air
I incurred so many fears
And cried all night 

I secluded myself 
And was feeling alone
That day this talkative 
Become the most tacit one

You know, that day onwards
What happened ?
I was left only as a
Jest for situations
And my Fate laughs on
My crippleness.


  1. This is so sad and melancholy ~ I like these lines:

    And my Fate laughs on
    My crippleness.

  2. def a palpable feeling that loneliness...after being his all then hurts and i feel that in your words...

  3. This is full of the pain of is felt in each word

  4. Ruchi ma'an you penned down the emotion very happens in love most often...BTW how long you
    have been writing poetry..?

  5. It's a beautifully written poem and after this line
    "That day this talkative" your words are talking....

    Great one Ruchi...:)

  6. Sad and sweet and vulnerable....You have me thinking how important it is to stand alone.....

  7. सफ़र करो ऐसे

    जैसे उड़ता हुआ परिन्दा
    I love poems where birds are used to convey msg..
    Mithlash ,, the poem is so optimistic and drives us forward...
    keep writing,,

    Ruchi ma'am dekha maine dhoondh hi liya apka comment....Thank you so much for your lovely comment:)

  8. Lovely words Ruchi!Your poetry talks for you,Ruchi:)

  9. I've had this happen to me when I was described that feeling of breathlessness so someone punched you in the stomach. You portray the shock and sadness so well.

  10. My fate laughs on my crippleness...nailed it!

  11. That is a heart touching rendition. You certainly are talented as far as poetry is concerned :)

    However, I would want to point something out. I have had quite a few relations myself and having been into all that, I know something about being in love. Infact, I will tell you what it is NOT. It is not losing yourself for your counterpart but finding your true potential and realising it. You are,and you will, remain and individual. There is nothing as joint existence. Think over it :)

  12. haunting!!

  13. Touching words. Last two lines are very profound.

  14. poignant. the feeling of being left or alone is
    hard to deal with, you wrote a beautiful poem
    to calm yourself.

  15. Just Beautiful, every word speaks for itself....:)