Friday, February 10, 2012

A Pink Rose...

Today, she is on cloud nine
Looking like a little doll
In a beautiful white dress
Which he had brought for her
She missed him badly
When he was out for work
But now, as he had came
She wanna tell him everything
Everything about her school and friends
Every story of a little cute
She just clench his hands
And start strolling with him
She has so much to say
And start telling every new and old
She makes him a totally different guy
A tacit to a voracious listener
Of her cute voice
A tough man to a
Soft caretaker of her doll
A diligent to her
Only best friend
He  also let her feel like a princess
And Change himself deliberately for her
Only Because
She is a pink rose
A Little cute star of her father.


  1. So lovely...a beautiful poem of father and child

  2. And no matter what, daughters will always be the apple of the eye of their father :)
    Beautifully crafted..

  3. I loved the simplicity of the Father-Daughter relationship you portrayed.I'm sure every Daughter and Father can relate to this phase. :)

  4. such a nice poem.loved the simple lines you used. you've conveyed an emotion so beautiful which we have all experienced

  5. Beautiful expression of love between father and daughter! Lovely words Ruchi:)

  6. Lucky are those girls who get the love of their Father.. I wish I cud also experience it.. Lucky are you girls:-) Lovely Poem u have written and thanks for the comment on my Blog dear:)
    Keep Writing:)

  7. Nice one...describing the relationship between father & daughter which is difficult to describe..
    I have no idea how ur blog didn't attract my attention for so many years..