Friday, February 3, 2012


Something made me love
The same made me fall for you
It let you treat me like a kid
And I was happy with that

Even you the like the most
The same in me
And then it made me 
Trust you more

It let me ask you questions
Questions about you and me
You gave the answers as per yours
But I understand them in my way

The same made me jot down
Few lines for you
Those lines which were
Eternal and true

Then it gave you freedom
To decept  me
And I never understand
Why ?

It let me wilt
I had cried for hours
But still the same made me love
To care and wait for you

The same hidden maestro
Behind all this is
My Innocence
Which was never wrong
And I love myself being
A innocent little girl.



  1. again a wonderful composition...loved it...(:

  2. The longing of an innocent heart reflects in your words. Beautiful poem.

  3. sweet and hopeful.

    love the innocence in it and in you.

  4. a well experienced piece. Thank you.

  5. To treasure and not let the innocence go is difficult :) Wonderful writing :)

  6. Beautiful! To treasure innocence, a blessing!

  7. "You gave the answers as per yours
    But I understand them in my way"

    That is quiet innocent and really painful too. Its good that you are happy with being innocent girl. Someone would value it rightly, and will fall in love with you for the very reason :) Take care :)

  8. Sigh made me remember my first and only true love...
    I was so like this then...
    Love it :)

  9. Treasure innocence...there is a part of me that is still full of wonder...I hope to never lose it.

  10. innocence as a maestro. what a wonderful theme. you have lived some life. great write.