Friday, January 27, 2012


The day was a
Red letter day
May be because
All dear ones carteled there
Hundreds of people
Having flowers in their hand
With lightened candles
Were standing still
Only one was different
She was laying down
Wearing crimson
Her favorite color
All of them gathered
Only for her
May be she was
Moving somewhere
She was serene
And smiling alone
Others were tearful
As she has to depart
Very far alone
She was so cute
Little doll of someone
All will miss her innocence
But she has to go
Someone calling her
Waiting for her arrival
To make heaven alive.


  1. 'To make heaven alive' .. there lies the beauty of her untimely death .. Beautifully engraved :)

  2. you painted a lovely scene of departing for heaven ~

  3. Truly said...agree with Ms.Capricious...the departure of a person from this world may be sorrowful for others but for the person in coffin it is the most lively experience,free from all the difficulties and tensions in life...very well written...just awesome...:):)

  4. sweet :) red can be as lovely as painful :)

  5. The descriptions were beautiful. Lovely :)

  6. Hello.
    This is beautiful.
    The ending tied it all in nicely.
    Well done!
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Jewels In You

  7. Red has a painful side, but you wrote it with beauty. A gentle write of death.

  8. Wonderfully written. The end of the poem is very touching. "To make heaven alive" ... indeed that's a goal for the living ... accepting that death once will come.

  9. Thank you for your comment :) Hope to see you again :)

  10. I loved the way you narrated it. Simple and full of emotions. Though, the topic is sad but you feel happy after reading such a well written poem. The ending was superb...

    To make heaven alive...Profound and brilliant!

  11. You sneaked up on me, Ruchi. You very neatly proferred more and more information. First the funeral, but if we were reading between the lines, we would suspect that it was a funeral..

    Where you sneaked up on me was that it was a child who had died. I was not ready for that. If she is like my two and a half year-old granddaughter, Heaven will truly be alive and very active.

    Jim's OSI

  12. Hey hi ruchi ,
    beautiful Written !!