Thursday, January 19, 2012


 I light a lamp
The day I met you
You and me all alone
Only surrounded by walls

The pillars were witness
They were screaming
With echoes bouncing high
Caveating me to fear

That he is not your man
He doesn't have life
Only a wandering soul
Having lust for life

We had seen him
Years after years
First captivating the hearts
Then letting them to die

That day I didn't listen them
Was involved in the charm of
Most Innocent form of love
My first love ever

He put me behind doors
And let me died
But am still alive
Cherishing my pure love.

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  1. First love... however good or bad..can never be forgotten...!!!!

  2. Agree with br!nDle. First love last in the memories forever. This was one poem i liked, because it had element of positivity, of pure love, and cherishign that feeling instead of lashing out for breaking heart and all that stuff. Have been reading you for quiet a while and have noticed your transformation of just scribbling down to turning to poet who write from heart.. Way to go girl ! :)

  3. This is called true love when you don't think anything else n what others are saying but listen only worry he always do this things when he wants to give something...well nicely written n keep writing:)

  4. Amazing! Deep and very frankly transcribed. :)

  5. Oh love it can hurt so, but what are we without it...lovely piece

  6. Nicely written!
    First love is like a fresh rain..soothes the soul and it always stays in heart! :)

  7. Thank you for your words

  8. Some memories exist with its bitterness and sweetness in equals amounts