Thursday, October 20, 2011


A knife and bleeding hand
All he can see is blood all around
He was afraid and shivering
Only stained walls are behind.
They will let him jail
For the murder of a little girl
The girl whom he love the most
The love of his life.

But he knows he is not culprit
He only entered the room
To wish her the birthday
But that day became her doom.

She was in love with a guy
Who ditched her some days earlier
She was so depressed and crying
May be she was not able to bear that.

May he did not wished her birthday
May be she waiting a long
May be she felt dejected                                                           
May be it was easy to die, than to bear this pain.

She cut her hand
And more and more deep cuts
The walls are witness
That she broke down like hell.

Suddenly alarm rang
And he opened his eyes
Oh it was her birthday today
He had to wish her.

Today, he wants to make her smile
He wants to make her feel like princess
He wants her to feel so special
She is so cute, his Best Friend.

He ran out of his bed
Move to the temple before her home
Pray to god to bless her, her love
And offered thanks to the god for,
Above was only a dream.

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  1. Scary poem made of simple words... nicely written.

    Ruchi, please give the artist credits link (as mentioned in the Its Thursday post) in your post. You needn't link back to Its Thursday if u don't want to, but a link to the image page is a must. Thanks!

  2. thank God it was only a dream...powerful piece

  3. lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

  4. Oh the dreamy End....

    A dreamy story in a poetic way..

    keep writing....

  5. wow... intensive.