Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little Divine...

In the meandering
Path of life
My little dear heart
Your shine always rife

You are neither dubious
Nor holding anything bad
You are true with deeds
So, there is nothing to afraid

You behaved calm in crowd
And have equal faces for all
My mind might be calculative
But you behold it during fall

Reflecting only colors of love
You are crystal like pristine
Didn’t searched god anywhere
As you always acted little divine.


  1. Lovely use of words.Beautiful poem!

  2. A beautiful heart, to be sure. Thank you for this uplifting poem.

  3. Very nice wordings ... loved it, as always :-)

  4. A lovely verse Ruchi! Heart could not have been more true:)

  5. Ruchi,

    True, world will be so nice if we all followed our heart.

    Take care