Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Give him some time...

I was astonished to see
Fallen hearts on ground
Which were thrown by
The victims of betrayal

Those hearts were tored up
Were played like toys
Were broken down badly
And were left to die out

They were filled with sadness
And the agony of loneliness
Which made the pain unbearable
So were detached apart

But, I collected them softly
Gathered all, And told them
That they are not alone
There are, so many alike

There is a beautiful life behind
Which can be revived back
Just, Trust the almighty
And give him some time.


  1. Your poem summarizes life...we fail in life, get hurt, our hearts break, but we need to collect the pieces and start again. So many are like us, well said. The last stanza is my favorite. Thanks for such a wonderful poem :-)

  2. A gr88 piece on revival.
    keep it up

  3. Ruchi,

    Very sound advice to those who give up on failure in anything, be it love, studies or career. Mainly I think it is love.

    Take care

  4. As they say, The only thing in the world that works is the Broken Heart. Wonderful peom...:)

  5. Beutifully expressed! lovely thoughts and yes you are right if anyone trust god he deserve to get beautiful life.

    Keep writing:)

  6. बहुत बेहतरीन रचना....
    मेरे ब्लॉग पर आपका हार्दिक स्वागत है।

  7. The pic goes perfect with the lines. wonderful :)

  8. yes, the key is whatever may be the situation have full faith n trust on Almighty and one can see the miracles happening....

    God bless...!!

  9. Its so beautiful!
    soft flow of feelings ...

  10. Beautiful, hopeful and full of life. Keep writing!

  11. Touching words. I like the last paragraph most.
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