Thursday, January 24, 2013


He was strolling slowly
With sunken eyes
For a long journey
Which is, yet to be covered

Looking very far
He slowed down
During the turns

He was trembling
With  some abrupt fears
Fear of hurdles
And Fear of age

With every step
He took ahead
He was brooding very hard
And felt fear of death

Looking at him
First, I thought
He was not in a mood
And had a bad day

But, gazing towards earth
With a drooped face
His wet eyes were
saying that am retired today.


  1. Poignant take on retirement ... you treated the subject quite differently ... loved reading it !!!

  2. सुन्दर प्रस्तुति आदरेया |

  3. Soooo good, Ruchi !!! ~~ I went with him every step.
    This is the way it is, too. I've been retired now over eleven years. Death along with my limitations which seemingly increase every day are on my mind more and more often.

    Today I was feeling bad because God has limited our days. I do think that the condition of the body is a big factor in determining the length of ones life.

  4. wow.... amazing piece on a thing that we all dread and try not to talk about...
    hard to imagine what goes on in the minds of the middle aged people leaving a life behind once they retire...

  5. Sad but beautifully written. Well done with this challenging prompt.

  6. Ruchi,

    Yes, one does have feeling of emptiness on retirement but then it is upto one to take up something to keep occupied lest one becomes depressed and morose.

    Take care

  7. Really poignant. You captured this person's mood really well :)

  8. रूचि इस के विपरित मैं कहना चाहती हूँ
    जिन्‍दगी जीते हैं जो
    वो रिटायर कहां होते हैं
    बस जीने का अंदाज बदल लिया करते हैं
    कार्यालय/बैंक में भी कुछ लोग रिटायर
    से ही दिखा करते हैं

  9. I think you are observant and thinking too. To have captured , let me say , the despondency that fall upon many when a routine of long years is broken.

    But surely there is a life after too.

  10. Both the poems, Heart and Retired I have gone through.Both amount meaningful with apt photos.