Monday, May 14, 2012

Neither Nor...

Neither he was cheating
Nor she was trusting
Here was the breach

Neither he was close
Nor she was far
Distance changes with time

Neither he was moving
Nor she was stagnant 
Life slowly passed aside 

Neither he was accepting
Nor she was avoiding  
The problem was the same

Neither he was initiating
Nor she was responding
The days passed blankly

Neither he was willing
Nor she was leaving
Situations made them hard

Neither he wanted to hold
Nor she wanted to give up
Something bounded them together

Neither they were lovers
Nor were the friends
The relation was Empyrean. 


  1. nice....


  2. Situations certainly make people hard... well put..

  3. I think this is one of the best poems you have written. Totally on another level...:)

  4. Quite good. Neither they want to get together, nor they want to separate... :)

    Destination Infinity

  5. I have seen many poems talk of either friend or lovers or in between but till date no one has named that relation.And you did and it just changed the whole poem altogether.
    Beautiful piece!

  6. There is a saying; Poet sees what the sun doesn’t see! Satyam–Shivam–Sunderam, the three united.

  7. perhaps... its how it was meant to be??

  8. lovely and nice. I think the theme of the poem is confusion between the two...Well lovely written. Keep writing:)

  9. Wow... with each passing word... I'm becoming a fan...

  10. Hi, Ruchi,

    In my adolescent years I wrote a short – three line – poem in Marathi. I thought of sharing it with you. I think its subject is close to your poem. I published it on my Marathi blog- REMICHI MARATHI BOLI.

    आभासाचे अनेक आकार

    तू असलेली-नसलेलीही
    फुलतेस माझ्या मनात
    व्यक्तित्वाच्या लाख पाकळ्यांनी.

    A plain translation goes like this:

    Illusion in many forms

    you, existent - non-existent even
    flower in my mind
    in a lakh petal of personae.