Thursday, May 31, 2012

My little cute...

My little cute, Supu
You, the only alive Angel 
Who loved me unconditionally 

You never imposed 
Any burden and conditions
And didn't expected any returns   

You never hated me
For any misbehavior or
Any wrong doings

You didn’t scolded me
For any failures
And rejections

You never parted me
For my religion, color
And creeds

You never looked over
My face, lifestyle or
Any differences

You neither made my fun
Nor interfered or contributed
To my sufferings

You never have any problem
Whether I love somebody else
Or only you

You never knew
How cute you are, but I know
You are the cutest one

We both did’t knew that
Either I was your kid
Or you were mine

But only thing I know is
You are a purest soul
And am proud being a part of your life. 

P.S.-  Supu is a real kitten, who used to reside at my previous home, we left there one year earlier and i miss her a lot.


  1. "Supu" जैसी प्यारी किटन के लिए अब कवितायें लिखी कहाँ जाती!!
    क्यूट सी कविता है!! :)

  2. times these innocent souls prove a better companion than humans.....

    beautifully written.

  3. Awww.. that was a cute poetry for Supu :)

  4. Adorable :) Animals do make great friends :)

  5. nicely expressed your feeling...This poem remind me Sonia Baadkar her blog name is Never ending thought...She also likes cat very much.