Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yesterday 17 March ,, ending of our annual fest  HYURISKO 2011.Its one of the best experience to attend it for 4 days,, from 14 to 17 March. The opening ceremony was unexpectedly grand. Morning 9 to night 9, flew like anything these days. Mesmerizing performances and jovial ambiance let all people to ecstasy.1000's of students were seen for the first time at campus ( apart from final exam days).
Faculties themselves rocked the floor and  let us free to enjoy dance fully. These kinda days have critical advantages too, because at least sometimes , we are free to break all the rules.    
12 hours with friends( without any tension) is a peerless experience.
The most happening and awaited day is the DJ party.
Its the time, when everybody rocks.
Nothing is required other than just music.
Wanna these days  back......


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