Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a relative side of life..

Yesterday night, some thoughts came and i was amazed about the life's relativity. I felt two things in life are relative, one is creativity and other are  results .As i looked at creativity,its somewhat inherited but at the same time practice can boost it up.Some people are congenitally creative and can move anything to newer and unique level. Some people might thought that they are not creative at all,,but somehow they don't tried anything so far ,so they feel this.People might noticed one thing that,,your internal creativity come to existence only when you try it . It also get improved when you are in a skillfull peer group. Creativity is that when you break inner boundaries and do whatever you want and fulfill it, but in right direction.Second is about results. Some people might think its fortune that brings success,some feel that its hardwork.I also felt like later one,but some how your timing,person you are dealing with and the situations also matters.Hardwork is the most important factor but at the same time,
your luck(what it means is really paradoxical) a bit matters.The thing we have in our hands are hardwork and experiences. So its important to look at that side which we can see.


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