Monday, February 25, 2013


It had been so many years now
But you never understood
That, you are a dumbo
You know why, because you are always proved wrong

Whatever you think or see
You always trust it
And believe that, its true
But it had not always been

Sometimes it seems, as if
You are just like a sweet kid
Or a little angel amidst the odds
Who even, didn't care

Whenever u considers yourself
You treat life as of a decade ago
But when it comes for others
Time on its own, run fast forward

Even though, most of the people
Had taken you for granted and cheated you
But you are so innocent
That you forgot everything and smiled again

You never blamed others
For whatever they did
And had always remained calm by
Showing that nothing had happened

Your trueness was stolen by many
And had been understood as weakness
That’s why people escaped out easily
Leaving you empty and vacant

But dear little, don’t worry  
It will make you strong and wise 
And will let you
More close to your self                

Oh my dear dumbo heart
Now I don’t want you to understand
About anything and anyone
Be you, only you, as always you are.


  1. It's tough to make the heart understand at times !!

  2. बढ़िया प्रस्तुति |
    आभार आदरेया ||

  3. That was touching. I had went through this, sometimes as GS said, its difficult. And the easiest way toe scape the pain and questions are to close the doors of heart.

  4. Heart has a way of his won. Interesting poem Ruchi!

  5. O Ruchi, this is soooo good!!! It is heart wrenching advice and consolation. Help written by your poet, first person to:
    1. a present or former loved one, someone loved very dearly;
    2. the Poet himelf/herself because of hurts, probably one recently; or
    3. Dumbo, the little grey mouse in the picture who is so very innocent and always will be. I can see him thrown in a corner or trampled on in a doorway someplace. Yet he never will complain, he cannot.

    Been missing your writing, I am very glad you wrote this.
    Thank you.

  6. Your picturisation of heart as credulous one is at once interesting and true.A nice poem

  7. It's good if you continue to listen to your heart. It usually shows the right path though not always the most profitable.

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  9. The heart speaks . doesn't it?
    Go on.
    And thank you for coming by my blog and dropping your comment. Welcome again.

  10. Being oneself is so important, Ruchi:)

  11. this is so touching and lovely. :<)

  12. nice poem Ruchi. Yeah, the human heart is very hard to understand.

  13. You write very well Ruchi! Words straight from heart... Keep writing.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment which lead me to your writings.

  14. Lovellyyy poem and perfect pic

  15. Very well expressed Ruchi-heart knows best!

  16. Hi! I have nominated you for Liebster Award.Pl.visit my blog.

  17. Very Nice Indeed,

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    Best wishes.


  18. Well crafted words..beautiful,,


  19. aS ALWAYS i SAY ~AWESOME~ hEArT ToUcHING lINES... !!!!

  20. keep it up,
    lovely free verse here.

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